Business design, messaging, and corporate communication? What Maxx can do isn't about us. It's about you.

Integrated communication offering

Design can be as simple as a black-and-white ad or as complex as a stop-motion animation used to illustrate a process of corporate change.

But, regardless of the level of detail and the prettiness of the picture, the success or failure of design ultimately rests with the message behind it.

Reporting and

  • Annual reports
  • Integrated reports
  • Corporate strategy development
  • Corporate communication
  • Reputation management
  • Online reporting
  • Interactive reporting

Digital and
Online Comms

  • Website design
  • Responsive web / mobile design
  • Multi-media production
  • Online reporting
  • Interactive reporting
  • Digital communications
  • App development

Graphics and
Motion Design

  • Corporate identity development
  • Brand development
  • Desktop publishing
  • Motion design
  • Video & animation development
  • Multi-media production

Strategic Services and

  • Content creation
  • Word-smithing (proofreading, copy editing, copy writing and script writing)
  • Photography